Vintage Cars are Beautiful

If I were a hamburger you’d come and watch! I texted back a smiley face. She texted back some letters I don’t understand. My crotch is itchy.You’re right. I’m a firestarter and a jinx. I’m going to destroy this whole family. Your body. It’s an erotic friend fiction story that I just wrote. I hope you like it, because you’re all in it. It’s called ‘Buttloose.’ I’ve been using the toilet like an idiot. The second time hurt the most.

It includes material that may not be suitable for all ages. This is like watching two monkeys at the puberty zoo. Hey, you don’t want to mess with my sister. She’ll wear down your self esteem over a period of years. My bra’s chafing me. Suddenly, Tina Belcher appeared in the doorway. She knew what she had to do. My hearttttttttt. I don’t know. Eating lobster? It goes against everything we were taught to believe. I thought I saw a baby bump.

My hearttttttttt. C’mon Dad, just let me bite down on the bean. There is one place I like to go. The boys’ locker room. You can only see up to their ankles. I’m just not sure if I’ll be any good on the grill with one free hand. This is where I thrash. I need both ears to hold up my glasses. The hand wants what the hand wants. Is it possible to be in love with 25 people at once?